Thursday, September 25, 2008

"I would like to thank..."

This post is all about thanking people.. yeah, i just felt that i had a few people that i needed to thank...

Firstly, My Mum and Dad, who have been a great encouragement and for supporting me in my studies. They let me choose the course that i wanted to study, which i am very grateful for. Not everyone gets to choose... I'm glad i got to... And thanks for the dinner last night.. Love u..

Adele, because she has been such a great friend and is always there to encourage me. Really appreciate those talks we have! You're awesome! Oh yeah, and she's the one that got me blogging... I remember when i saw her blog the first time i was quite impressed, and have been wanting to blog ever since. So to all you readers out there, you have her to thank as well.. (not saying that i have many readers =.=) oh well.. moving on..

Next, would like to thank my share group members, which aside from Adele is Rick, a talented bassist and generally a great fellow to hang out with.. He only knows two words of hakka which are ngat chao and ngai sat... Also not forgetting our leader, Danny. He is a very responsible guy, the right one for the job of leading our share group actually.. haha =D to all my SG members.. *raise ur fingers* deng deng Deng DENG!

Thanks to all the people in FCC who have made me feel very welcome. I can't mention everyone coz that would take too long.. haha.. just a general thanks to you all.. ur the best!! and to Rev Khee Vun as well for the inspiring sermons every week =D
A big big thanks to Desmond a.k.a. snake (everyone) a.k.a meat (Me) a.k.a. gui tiu (Jason) a.k.a. Ngat Sai (Rick) a.k.a. Jungle Man (Rev).. Thanks for being the one who i could go to for all problems and emergencies... wouldn't have made it for my first month in KL without you... btw, i'm not gay... :P

And last but not least, thanks everyone in KK for your prayers, supports, smses and phone calls... really miss u guys, will see you end of the year for some FUN!!! hahaha... but seriously.. thanks guys.. T.T



enfee said...

good to hear thankful.... ^^

Adele said...

yes... u are most welcome, my friend =)


R.S. said...


TL said...

time for domino's again bro?

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