Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Danny's Blonde Moment"

Blonde Moments
Definition: an instance of being silly or absentminded.

We all have blonde moments once in a while. Well Danny recently had one.

The good news is that we caught it on security camera. 

Sam's News Network (SNN)
 is proud to bring you exclusive coverage of this rare event.

The inside story:
Danny was mopping the floor of our kitchen one day.
 Just a normal occurrence. Until he mopped himself into a corner!! hehehe.
We heard his shouts of despair, and rushed to the kitchen, where we
were greeted with an unforgettable scene.

Here is the world premier of the rare footage:

Understandably, we all burst out laughing. Hahahahaha!! Poor Danny:)

Thanks Danny for willingly allowing me to post this blog.
He's a good guy. Don't be fooled by the pics he is actually very hardworking, reliable, trustworthy, and INTELLIGENT. 

Most of the time..

Thanks everyone for reading and supporting. 
Tune in next time for more groundbreaking stories
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SNN. Don't be the last to know.

Disclaimer: No harmful chemicals or mind influencing drugs were used in the production of this blog.


Ze Hao said...

HAHA>..nice one..can't wait to hear of your blonde moment

j-kiml said...

Ah Neh with F&N apron, teh tarik satu!

ahahahaha, kantoi!

garrylin said...

OMG~ thats so cool~ Danny with an Apron~ Do ppl actually still wear an apron and do house work? *Faints*

D@nnY {-.-"} said...

here is on my side of the story..

1) it was sam that asked me to wear the apron, so as being kind of the fellow housemate, i jus do it.

2) i was mopping until the middle of the kitchen, then i realized how blur i am. hey, come on, what do you expect when you're too full... hahaha..

3) i did not sing during house cleaning, plus i dun even know chinese song.. hahahha...

and garry, i do not wear apron.. the only time i wore it is during my form 3 for kemahiran hidup.. hahaha..

Sam Vun said...

Awww.. danny is just being humble =D

He's got talent!! hehehe.... But it seriously was funny tho...

hey danny.. all i have to do is delete ur comment.. then
no one will know your side of the story... but being the kind housemate i am... i won't do that :)

Both sides of the story have some truth guys...

Adele said...

crap! i must have been really blur because i didnt even realize he was wearing the apron at that time = =

D@nnY {-.-"} said...

haha.. you see, even adele is blur.. So, ya... It's because of the home cook food is too delicious that we ate too much then only we became like that.. So shame on you very delicious "pasta" that we cooked.. hahaha..

anyway, sam, the next one is you.. hahaha.. yours is SNN rite?? Mine is coming up.. DPPWM..

Sam Vun said...

oh no... this is bad... i wasn't expecting this... *hides in his room*

j-kiml said...

who cooks good food? the maid?

Ze Hao said...

Blond Moments!@!

SaDdNesZ.jc said...

Yeah... like who wears an apron to mop the floor... like... what's the connection? to protect your clothes from the potential splashes of the floor cleaning water? or is it that Danny has some 'tendencies' that needs to be dealt with?

garrylin said...

Err.. cosplay??? hehehe... Gee~ Danny... learnt your lesson? hahaha... What a housemate~ X.X

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