Tuesday, October 7, 2008

=( feelings

Do you ever get that feeling? That your whole life is threatening to overwhelm you.. and that even though there are so many people close to you, you seem all alone? Nothing you do seems to be going right... and you're misunderstood for your intentions... And then u get annoyed at everyone for not understanding.. but u know u shouldn't be..

Thats how i'm feeling right now.. It's 3:30 in the morning.. and i can't sleep.. It's gonna be real bad for me but my mind is racing.. i feel like i could burst.. and yet i don't really feel like i can talk about it to anyone.. sorry guys.. its just me.. 

yeah, and this is like a my first serious post right? Scary huh? I don't usually post stuff like this up for people to see but yeah but i guess my blog must reflect my life.. and it's not always screen-licking-good (if u get my little joke) 

there, i couldn't help it.. i smiled =) haha... what an idiot!! ^.^

okok.. now i feel like going outside.. amazing what a little blogging can do.. but in the end, it was not the blogging that helped.. it's realizing that some people still care.. thanks to those who did :)


enfee said...

i feel the same sometimes...^^

j-kiml said...

well, who doesn't?

XiaoWei said...

i m rite nw having thoz kind of feeling too... and try to look for somebody to tok to....

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