Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back Liao BAH!

Yeah, my belated "i'm back" post is finally up. Sorry for the long wait...

So, i've been back in Kota Kinabalu for more than a week now.. The feeling is great, simply because:

1. No need to cook. And home food is simply the best =)
2. No need to wash. And ironing is done too... heaven! (F.Y.I. I rarely believe in ironing clothes)
3. No need to wake up early.

yeah basically that's all there is...

haha no that's not all there is.. of course i'm happy to be back among familiar faces, yam cha and lepak all day long... attending service and youth which i have missed... seeing how all the kids have grown up (aawwwww) but seriously, it's great to be back. Life here is much more relaxed compared to KL lifestyle. For example, no need to leave so early to get to places, especially church... I tell you, i was so shocked when i drove down to church first time i got back... I was like, ~lalala~, and then, WHOOAA! i'm in church edi.. only took me 2 minutes!

And seriously, I can't get over the food!! i've been eating well since the first day i've been back... not that we don't have food to eat in KL but.. yeah.. anyway, there's loads and LOADS more food here =) hehehe...

Will blog again soon, hopefully with some pictures... Have a good holidays everyone! Cheers


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