Friday, March 20, 2009


Gosh, it's been two months since I last cut my hair. Was beginning to look like I had a ball on my head.. lol.. So I tried out this new hairdresser's at the Giant near where I live (refer to the picture above).

Turned out to be one of the better choices I have made this week. The haridresser is a really cool guy, and having my haircut there turned out to be an impromptu chinese lesson as well, since he could only speak chinese (and as you know, it's boring to sit there without talking, so we did talk, alot) He didn't mind the fact that i had to think hard before each sentence, and he gave me some good advice about hair-styling. So in return, i've decided to feature his shop on my blog. 

So if you're ever in the Putra Heights area, and are in need of a haircut, look no further than the Colour Shop!

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