Monday, March 9, 2009

Jason's Bday + Watchmen *:)

Yesterday was Jason's Birthday. 
This is what we did...

Met up with him around 10pm. He was having shrimp at Bubba Gump's, so we headed to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng (Sunway Pyramid) to wait for him. As we were ordering our food, Tim found this offer at the back of the menu.

*forgot to take a picture of the menu*

It was this HUGE ice tea which you can get for free if it's your birthday.
Minimum requirements: 6 people. 1 birthday boy/girl. Relevant IC/birth cert.
come on, really, who would bring their birth certificate to dinner??

*slaps head*

Ok, anyway, we waited till Jason and Pauline arrived then we placed our order for the big drink. Dinner was fun, with lots of jokes and laughter, especially from Timothy Chung.

Arrgh!! Forgot the pic again!!

The evening wasn't a complete failure in terms of pictures, though. I managed to capture a few shots of Birthday Boy, Birthday Drink, and Birthday Cake (from previous day)...

we had a little fun with them afterwards.. hehe =)
Don't ever play 'bite-the-candle-out-of-your-birthday-cake'. Unless you want to end up like Jason, with cream on your face!

Pauline: That's a lot of ice.
Jason: OoOo.. I LOVE ICE~!!


Tim: *golum voice* My precious.... *strokes cup in an obsessive fashion*

Proof that they actually finished the whole drink. (I'm not involve, since I don't drink milk tea)

By the way, Jason paid for our dinner, even though it was his birthday. What an awesome fellow..

After dinner, we headed to TGV to catch "Watchmen". 

For those of you who haven't watched it yet, let me just say this.. Be prepared for something really deep. Actionwise, this movie is also pretty gory. Not one for the kids. But for anyone who loves bean juice, conspiracies and blue, fully naked demi-gods, this is the show for you!!

Till next time, i'll be watching you..

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