Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update from Clockworks!

Well, today's test went surprisingly well (considering that my eyelids weighed a ton!! seriously, i felt like dozing off right then and there.. even when the teacher was looking =='' )

Good news is.. I'm actually quite confident about this test. Much more than i was about the one yesterday, which I thought i would do better at.. Oh well, life's funny like that..

Oh ya, and i'm gonna be borrowing a camera, tripod, and boom mic to shoot a short film next week.. probably gonna enter it in a competition. If I actually can finish filming it before the deadline (next sunday, lol, only got the email today.. it was in the junk folder ''_ )

So, life's looking up again. Still got this cough and my inner clock is still rather disorganized.. but we're working things out.. stay tuned for updates =)

Sam misses KK wo tiek =(

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