Friday, February 26, 2010

Mixed feelings

Yes people, i'm coming to the last few days of holidays, and believe me, it's a bunch of mixed feelings.

I've been feeling a bit weird lately, like life has less and less meaning. And it really IS weird coz nowadays I find myself getting busier and busier. So logically, there's supposed to be MORE meaning to my life as opposed to LESS meaning.. right?


Well, life goes up and down I guess.. Lately I've had a lot on my mind, and I guess it's quite a bit to process.. Suddenly you realize that about a quarter to a third of your life has passed you by.. Things aren't going to get easier from here on out.. In fact, the challenges will just keep increasing.. Hmmm.. can I handle it? I sure hope so..

What I'm really thankful for though is those people who stand by me in every situation.. There's quite a few so I won't name anyone here. Just letting you know that I appreciate you guys :)

Sigh.. mixed feelings.. but i'll bounce back.. I always do :)


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