Wednesday, March 31, 2010

“I’m Going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair”

Hey guys,

I've a question for you..


What do you get when you put

That's right, you get..

Wow, an exciting event organized by none other than Gatsby! I can tell that it's gonna be great.
I mean, you've got a street fair, right (a massive one). Throw in some fun games, prizes, and of course SUMO wresting, and you've got a winning formula right there!

But before I go further, here's a link to the official website!

Ok then, back to business!

There's so many reasons that you absolutely have got to be at the street fair!

1. SUMO Wrestling - can't get enough of that :)
2. Lucky draw - RM15,000 worth! U know how popular those are in Malaysia~
3. Everyone gets a goodie bag filled with gatsby goodness!
4. You can redeem more Gatsby goodness by playing games and winning points.
5. THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON: I'll be there!! Hahahahahaha.. Well, only if Nuffnang lets me. So Nuffnang, let me have two slots for this! It'll be so cruel to deprive everyone of me.

Just kidding~ :D!

But seriously though, I really really wanna go to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair.
Please Nuffnang, pretty pleaseeeeeeee~ :D :D!!

Details here: Hurry fellow Nuffnangers! It's not too late to write up for this awesome event!
See you there !


karyan said...

sam rocks!!!~~~

Sam Vun said...

I didn;t get in.. hahaa..

But thanks though!! :D you rock too!!

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