Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Call this a pharmacy?

So I went to Guardian yesterday to try to get some Zyrtec for my allergic nose. And you know what the lady told me?

"Cannot, the pharmacist is not in"

I was like, well why don't you go and get him? (not saying it out loud, of course) What I actually said was:

"Could you sell me a pack please, it's for my nose"

And she said: "Get lost, your nose is none of my concern!!"... just kidding

She said: " No I cannot sell to you, this is a controlled drug"

Well usually when I buy Zyrtec I just ask for it and the pharmacist gives it to me. He doesn't do any checks or anything.. So I told her that, but she still insisted that I can't have any.. Sigh.. so I had trouble sleeping last night due to runny nose. What a pain.

To all Guardian Pharmacies, and pharmacies in general.. Please sell people medicine WHEN they NEED them.. not the next day when the customers walk in with bloodshot eyes.. Come on.. it's only Zyrtec..


sarah72 said...

lol.... kesian lar you. gotta restock from KK instead then.

Sam Vun said...

Yeah well.. pretty much didn't sleep last night.. silly pharmacy...

GIOGIO said...

just go another pharmacist.
she had her own ethnic. dun blame pharmacy =(

Sam Vun said...

No ah.. the silly pharmacy part was just aimed at that particular Guardian pharmacist.

For the others, i'm just saying that they shouldn't be like her..

nicolecsm said...

Hmm,FYI they are just being professionalism. But it is also their fault for not being at the counter. Do you know that if someone added zyrtec into an alcohol drink, it might cause sleepiness to people. That's why, they are kinda strict. And I feel bad that u hardly can sleep.

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