Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Die Hard Sue!!

haha... now don't get the wrong idea... This is not some morbid post about death (ooOoh)... no, it's actually about the movie quadrilogy, Die Hard. (aAaAhhhh)

So what's the point of this post? Well.. basically to think of new titles for upcoming Die Hard Movies... as if i'm in charge of that, right? But it was fun when we did it that night at Ah Boi... Jason and I couldn't stop laughing... much to the annoyance of our fellow tablemates well, technically, Jason's laugh is ok... mine is the one that's annoying xD ...

So, without further ado, let's get down to it!

Here's what you've seen in theaters so far:
1. Die Hard
2. Die Hard 2 : Die Harder
3. Die Hard With a Vengeance
4. Die Hard 4.0

As you can see, the titles are rather boring, right? So... Let's add some Malaysian flavour...

Here's what you have NOT seen in the theaters!!:

Die Hard 5: Die Hardest
Die Hard 6: So, Die Oledi Kah?
Die Hard 7: Haaa? Haven't Die Yet?
Die Hard 8: You Wan Die Ah?
Die Hard 8.1: Dun Wan Die Ler T.T
Die Hard 9: Die Another Time Lah
Die Hard 10: Dun Die ah...
Die Hard 11: Die Die Die!!
Die Hard 12: Phew, Almost Die...
Die Hard 13: Die? Die Ngya Tiu La!

and finally

Die Hard Sue (Daihatsu)!!

Die Hard Gay !! (by j-kiml)

We welcome any further ideas to the list.. remember, try to give it a Malaysian Flavour.. and feel free to post more than one =) I will post your ideas up on together with credits if they are good...


Anonymous said...

Die hard: Rebooted

j-kiml said...

Die Hard Gay!!!

TL said...

swt ~~~~~~~

Laura said...

maolit oo sam vun! =="'

Sam Vun said...

haha.. what la u guys swt and mao lit there.. hahahahaha...

Kim loong.. urs is good.. it's going on the post!

Anonymous, i don't get urs la.. can u explain? btw, who are u? =D

lauwy said...

Die Hard : But Not So Hard

Die Hard : Soft Abit, Can a not ?

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