Monday, November 3, 2008

About The Author

I got this list from Jenn's blog. Modified it a bit. Yes, I do have her permission. And for that she tagged me (i still don't get tagging, I must be old :S) anyway.. here's some stuff you may or may not know about me:

Name: Samuel Vun Sen Min
Gender: Male
Current Age: 20 years, born Sept 8, 1988
Current Height: 170cm
Current Weight: 51kg (yes... it's true)

Hair Colour: Black , Curly
Eye Colour: Black
Skin Colour: Chinese Yellow
Piercings: No, and not planning to get any
Often found in an embarrassing position

Clan: Vun
Parents: Albert (Dad, age 52), Mary (Mum, age 51)
Siblings: Sarah (sister, age 17), Andrew (brother, age 14)
Wife: not yet :P

Race: Chinese
Nationality: Malaysian (and proud of it!)
Religion: Christianity
Church: FCC, All Saints' Cathedral
Mobile Service Provider: Digi
Internet Provider: Streamyx
Internet Browser: Safari (until they make Chrome for Mac)
Computer: Mac
University: LimKokWing (LUCT)
Hometown: Kota Kinabalu

High-school: ACE (Accelerated Christian Education)
University: LimKokWing (LUCT)
Degree: Digital Film and Television (DFTV)
Are you a good student: Well, most of the time xD
Are you ever late: Oh yeah, many times
Always hand in assignments on time: Define "always", "hand in" and "on time".
Ambition: To be a director of a feature film.
Interests: Film and TV, reading, drawing, Internet socializing, real life                                    socializing, Blogging, doing crazy stuff...

Books: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller and Crime Novels. Also books on filming. 
Author: Stephen Lawhead, Sam Barone.
Magazines: Filming, PC gaming, Photoshop
TV shows: Prison Break. Heroes.
Anime: Samurai X. Basically all those Samurai, ninja stuff...
Food: Italian, Mamak and Meat!
Fruit: Still bananas 
Drink: Hard to say.. depends on alot of things.. 100plus is one of them.. 
Secret Recipe cake: Chocolate Indulgence.
Animals: I hate animals they should all die.. haha.. erm i like turtles and crabs..                  you know..things with shells... Oh and i like chickens.. DEEP                                    FRIED!! Wuahahaha...
Mode of Public Transport: The Bus.

Hopes for the Future:
Age to get married : 26 (hopefully). Well, we'll see...
Number of kids: What are kids? are they tasty?
Career path: Riches, fame, and power. Haha. Maybe not, but i would like to be a movie director.
Car: First, a Myvi maybe... then Hummer, although a Lambo would be nice too.. 
Place to live: Malaysia

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
Are you crazy: Yeah sometimes..
Are you single: Have been all my life.. is that a good thing?
Are you Awesome: Yeah, Definitely..

Contact me @:
Mobile: (+6) 016-552 9759
Home: (088) 219129 (Kota Kinabalu)
Facebook: same as email
MSN: same as email
Skype: you get the point =P

That's all for now.


Anonymous said...

you r coming back soon sam... excited~ wuakaka...... michelle here

小彭 said...

wow man make sure i am VISUAL EFFECTS SUPERVISOR in ur film!

LaiNe said...

Sounds like we have a lot in common, Sam ; P

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