Friday, January 2, 2009

2000 and eight plus 1

Well well, another year has passed... and what a year it was..

Many things have happened this year. I've done many things that i regret doing, but then i've learned some lessons from them too.. And of course, I have many things to be thankful for.. here's a short list of some things i can think of right now..

1. I'm still alive!
2. I've blogged!
3. I'm finally studying in KL. took me long enough...
4. I've made many new friends, and restored friendship with a few old ones =)

that's not all... but these are a few that are relevant to my blog..

Oh ya, and i've tried Bak Kut Teh (is that how u spell it?)
Hmm, I've been thinking..

should i come up with a new year's resolution? Coz every year i come up with one, but only end up achieving 1 in 10 of the stuff i list down.. but, then again, i suppose even 1 is an achievement. So yes, i will do so.. might even post the list up on my blog..

On second thoughts.. if i do so, and fail to complete some.. think of the humiliation!! haha.. I love 2nd thoughts, don't u?

No.. i don't... ==''

One more thing, i was thinking of talking to a certain someone abt a certain something, but now i don't feel like it anymore.. feel like it will be a waste of my time.. let me ask u.. should i just talk to her?

confusing, right? these are the symptoms of someone who hasn't blogged for a long time... Oh well, enough of my ranting. Happy new year everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Just say it.

It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved before.

(in most cases...)


R.S. said...

all or nothing

Rossy said...

you can tell me,:P

Sam Vun said...


It's not what you all think it's about... haha... but thanks for the comments.

Des, abt that, i'm gonna wait a while.. maybe abt 6 months.. see how things go =) will keep u updated! Ur right, it's better to have loved..


roy c said...

read my blog..:P

jordan shoes said...

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