Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The reason i'm now taking 6 types of medicine ==''

Yes boys (and girls), 

You're reading it right.. 6 TYPES of medicine. (Ok, that might not be much to you veterans out there, but to me, that's a personal record =='')

Yeah anyway, I've been coughing for the past month. Can't seem to recover, although I am altering my eating habits. (Almost no soft drinks, less sweets and fried stuff.. and now no cold drinks and nothing sweet.. lol.. and drinking lots of juice and eating lots of fruits) But still, to no avail.

Oh well, i'm used to it already. Would be nice if it could stop though.. so.. pray for me, will ya?



Laura said...

well.. din know that you were sick.. get well soon.. xD

Sam Vun said...

Thanks =) Hope the meds work.. RM60 dowh!!

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