Thursday, April 30, 2009

7 x 3 = 21 !!

That's right people. 7 Subjects, and an average of 3 assignments per subject, leading up to a grand total of 21 assignments. 

Nuff sed?

I think this pretty much explains my lack of blog posts this month. I'm slowly slowly grinding through the assigments though.. So hopefully I'll finish all of them on time. Good news is, one of the assignments is a research project on "Social Networking" ( It was free topic so i chose that)..

The reason?

I can now chat, skype, facebook and blog, and i'll actually be researching for my assignment. LOL.. How awesome is that..

Not awesome enough! That's how!

Just finished an essay. Now for the next one. I'll also be at school all day on Saturday to finish our group assignments (filming).. Wish me luck =S



Ze Hao said...

Cheers bro~

Sam Vun said...

Thanks dude!

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