Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun with the fishes!

Two words.

Fish Spa.


Two friends.

Adele and Tze Yee.


Fun with the Fishes!

Yes boys and girls, I've finally tried fish spa. Been wanting to try it for so long.

Yes, I actually had a desire to see what getting my feet bitten by hundreds of little fish felt like.

So, interested to know what went down that night? Here's a video clip. Enjoy!

Special thanks to:

Foot Master Fish Spa.
LG2.89, Blue Atrium, Sunway Pyramid.


Adele said...

Awesome video.. haha =)

DarrenCE said...

Not bad...not bad at all...though Id try the big fish first..hahaha

~Ze Hao~ said...

Fishy post~

Lawrencent said...

wah...big fishes ah....ah ah ah....

Sam Vun said...

haha.. thanks for the comments guys.. yeah.. those were some big fishes!! I was scared of putting my feet!!

But it's quite good.. recommended.. you all should try at least once..

Anonymous said...

Price? expensive?

Sam Vun said...

quite. We paid RM38 for about 45 mins.

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