Friday, May 1, 2009

Nuffnang Music Bash! And I didn't come home alone..

Hey Guys,

As promised, updates on the "happenings" of April will begin from today onwards. So, without further ado, i bring to you :

Nuffnang Music Bash 2009! 

Yes, remember the "I'm a Musicon Celebrity Thanks to Maxis Broadband" post that I wrote to gain the invite to the party? Well, apparently it was good enough, coz i GOT IN!! haha.. Not only that, I also didn't go home alone that night (if you get what i mean :P) For those who don't, read on to find out. (You can also click on the link above to view my entry post).

I would also like to thank Mau for being free enough to accompany me there :) haha.. It was fun (in a totally non-gayish way, I can assure you). He's been clubbing before so he pretty much was showing me the ropes. I'm kinda "kampung" in case you all didn't know.. Haven't been to a club before xD. Well, at least not one like this.

So yeah, first for some pics :

Went to Mau's house at 3pm. Got ready then headed towards Club Maison. That was around 4pm. Surprisingly, we hardly got lost on the way and we made it there almost 1 hour early.. So guess what, we just hung out in the car for the whole time till six.

This is the time we arrived!
We were parked just outside the Alpha Malaysia Building. So we gave Jonathan Tse a call. He wished us luck, after which we just sat in the car killing time. (I took some SS picks btw, an activity Mau was sporting enough to join in, albeit reluctantly). Here's the best one. (comparatively)

Smile for the camera. =)

And now, ladies and gentlemen..

This was my first time attending such an event, so naturally I was quite excited to find out what it was all about. I'd heard of such parties before, but actually getting to be part of one? Never dreamed it would happen..

And yet, it did...

So there I was, with Mau, inside Club Maison. And the party was just getting started.. So first there were a few icebreaker games, led by Liang. 

I remember him, he came to St.Patricks Church, Tawau, with the Oops Asia Team, years ago.

Anyway, he was the MC for that night. He did a very good job in stirring up the crowd, especially during games time. Of course, the prizes were very attractive as well. ( I mean, with Armani belts and Peak sunglasses up for grabs, people would do anything!)

Even imitate the dance in Beyonce's "Single Ladies" Music Video.
Next, we had a scrumptious buffet dinner. It was delicious, and it was FREE!! haha.. I had 3 helpings. What a pig!

After satisfying the inner man, we settled down to watch some performances by the people from Nuffnang.

The Nuffnang Team.

Then came the prize giving.. and guess what.. I actually won something!! 

The "Next Big Hit Blogger" Award goes to... 
ME (in my Jason Mraz Impersonation)!! and her..

A Brand New 8GB iPod Touch! WoooHooOoo!! Just what I wanted. (Well, I did want the PS3, but someone else won it. Oh well, you can't have it all!). 

So yeah, basically, that's what I meant when I said that I didn't go home alone that night. What were you all thinking? haha..

Well, that pretty much sums it up for the Nuffnang Music Bash. I'm now happily playing Tap Tap Revenge© on my iPod. Stay tuned for the next blog update, due May 3rd. 

Hint: Things are about to get rather fishy in here. 

Cheers, take care.



roychiew said...

hahahaha....... ur 2nd photo... (the one in the car).... u look like some wild west pimp daddy!!! lol.... if only ur car was filled with chicks... NOW THATS PIMPIN FO YALL..

(hope ur parents dont mind me commenting on all this car-filled-with-chicks thing and pimp daddying,,, lol)

Sam Vun said...

Haha.. thanks bro! Nah, I don't think they will mind =)

I'll leave the pimp daddying for next time.. hahaha..

roychiew said...

haha.... can hook me up next time im there..... lol... just kidding..!!!

Sam Vun said...

haha.. sure thing :) In a pimped up Hummer! =D

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