Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Call for prayer!


Can't really say much now. I would just like to ask anyone who reads this post to pray for me and Tze Yee (my girlfriend). Pray for God's protection. Simple as that.

Thanks guys.



Jinn Jinn said... u doing? everything ok dude?

XiaoWei said...

hey gor... will support you wif prayers... hope everything goes well with you ... take care! :D

Sam Vun said...

i'm doing fine.. it's Tze Yee actually.. she's going through tough times.. pray for us ya.. thanks guys

sarah72 said...

will pray. =) xoxo

Manda's Life said...

im sorry late comment, but will have u both in my prayer! ^^

karyan said...

sam, what happen to her?

Tiffanie Tan said...

she'll be fine with the God's angels guarding her life. Keeping her in prayer. I always believe she can fight against it cause she has once overcome it. I'm glad tze yee has found someone who really care and love her, with God leading you both in this relationship. =)

Sam Vun said...

Thanks you all for the prayers and support.. and concern, Jinn, Mei2, Sarah (my sis), Karyan and Tiffanie..

Tze Yee is doing fine now.. To answer your questions, she was going through a tough time (spiritually). Well, I don't think I should say so much here, since this is public place.. haha.. But she's doing fine now.. Karyan, i'll answer you somewhere else.. maybe i'll write to you =)

Thanks alot. God Bless!

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