Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An X-raygeous day

Guess what happened today (22nd February 2010)?

That's right, I had an X-Ray. It wasn't even planned. It just happened. haha.. Here's the story..

I accompanied Dave and Sam Lo to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. They were there for their check ups and physiotheraphy sessions (They both had leg injuries due to soccer). Anyway, after the doctor had checked them, before we left, I asked the doctor about my back. You see, it's been giving me trouble recently - Back pains, that sort of thing. Back when I was in primary school, I had a fall while playing in the playground. I injured my back then and I've had these pains ever since. Just that they seemed to be getting worse recently. Anyway, the doctor told me to get an X-ray done and come back another time with a referral letter from our family doctor. I'll update you guys more on this situation as it unfolds :)

Btw, the the doctor - Dr.Mariam George - was really funny. She's the inspiration for my production name "NoSensei" you know? But then, that's another story altogether...

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