Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chinese New Year Blessings

Chinese New Year.

One of my favourite times of the year. For many reasons too (Not all of them red). By the way, this years Chinese New Year was one of the best ever!

What do I mean? Well, it was a record breaking year for one. Seriously, this year me, my brother and sister got the most Ang Pau's we've ever got in a year. Awesome! This is going into the bank.. gotta save, remember? :)

Had a surprise this year too. Tze Yee visited KK. By the way, this was her first time "sitting on the big metal bird" a.k.a Airplane. In other words, her first airplane trip. She did well though, managing to arrive in KK safe and sound.. haha.. She spent 4 days (17th-20th) here, generally following me everywhere I went. She even joined in Deborah Lo's birthday party on Saturday, just before she returned to KL. We had fun, but this was also a "serious" trip... Not going to go into details there.. Let's just say we had a long long talk about our relationship. Pray for us, yeah?

Anyway, chinese new year isn't over yet :) My last week in KK, gonna make it count!


XiaoWei said...

i will sure pray about that~ btw, it was my first time to meet tzeyee up in real :) she's a nice gal~ listen to her :P

XiaoWei said...

eat more vege ah:P

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