Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I H.A.T.E. cats

Well.. maybe not hate them.. but I just kinda dislike them that's all..

By the way, something to do with cats happened yesterday night.. nothing much really.. just that a CAT JUMPED INTO MY ROOM AT 2 in the MORNING!

There I was.. very very innocently.. in my room. When all of a sudden I saw a flash of movement. It was dark so I couldn't see what exactly it was.. so I jumped up and flicked on the light.. and there it was.. a cat.. a FREAKING brown and white cat.. doing the spiderman thing on my wall.. I was like.. SHIATSU! so anyway.. I enlisted the help of Good ol' Jonathan Ma.. who proceeded to shoo the cat out of the window with a broomstick.. GO JON!!

Anyway the end result was CAT 0 - JON 1.

My room was full of cat hair.. it looked like a whirlwind had just passed through it.. a whirlwind of fur, that is..

We spent the next 10 mins coming up with a CAT horror story.. which caused me no small amount of sleep later on.. D*mn cats..

"Do you smell what that cat is cookin'?" - Jonathan Ma


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