Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Save your books

Guys, here's something I learned from Lifehacker today.

If you've ever dropped your books/papers into a puddle before, you'll know that wet paper can be very annoying, and very easily torn. You can't write on wet paper either, not to mention that some inks will run when contacted with water. How troublesome~

Anyway, here's a quick tip to save your drenched books.

Answer: Put them into the freezer!

Step one: You need a drenched book/document
Step two: Place said book/document into a plastic bag (NOT vacuum sealed, btw)
Step three: Put the bag (with the books) into a freezer. The dehydration process, which keeps things cold, will pull the excess water out of the paper.

Warning: It could take some time, even a week or so.. depending on the size of the book. Just tell your teacher the dog ate it..

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