Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Angel of Jusco

Here's a little story for you guys :)

I was out paying my bills at our Taman Equine Jusco yesterday. Yes, we pay all our bills at the post office there. Left the house with the bills in an envelope, looking like a noob~

Ok so I got there, and oh-emm-gee were there a lot of people there! I guess it's coz 31st of August is our National Day- and being a public holiday, it'll be impossible for you to pay bills then. Anyway, there was a multitude of little mortals queuing up to give money to the Government, and I was one of them.. i got a number from the machine : 1361. Current number : 1245. O.o yeah, long wait.

So i resigned myself to wait there for at least another hour. Luckily, I had brought my Cinematography book out so i had something to read.. but there were no free seats, so I had to stand. I read for about 5 mins and looked up : 1252.. Gosh...

All of a sudden though, this Uncle standing next to me tapped my shoulder and said, hey, i've got two numbers here, i'll give you one of mine. Of course, he said that in Cantonese, and although I knew what he was saying, I didn't know what to say back. When I finally did try to say something, I just proved what a noob I am at the chinese language. He asked me where I was from and do people speak Cantonese there. I was like.. *shoot me* haha.. Anyway, I told him i was from Sabah and that we speak Hakka there, and he started speaking Hakka. West Malaysian Hakka is a bit different from ours btw and though I did fairly better with Hakka than Cantonese I still sucked..

Anyway, enough of my noobness, so basically the number he gave me was 1261.. yeah, 100 places in front of mine. The thing is, he had been waiting there for more than an hour already, so, God knows why he took two numbers, but he offered one to me, and I took it.

So he was the number before mine, and we kinda ended up paying the bills at the same time. I thanked the kind sir and payed my bills.. when I had paid, I looked around for him again, and HE WAS GONE.

Now, I don't know for sure if they have Streamyx, TNB or Water bills up in heaven, but evidently they do. :) Thank you God for sending this dude and not letting me wait in Jusco till the year 3000.. Thanks!!


XiaoWei said...

hahah! gor, remember that very day at my grandparents' place :P !

Sam Vun said...

Aiks.. My chinese sucks man..~

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