Sunday, October 10, 2010


"10.10.10 - A very special day, for a very special someone."

And of course, I'm refering to my sister Sarah!

Aww, ain't she a champ!!

For those of you who don't know, Sarah is actually my sister!! We've known each other for the past 19 years xD and what can I say, it's been good!

Ok so what do we know about Sarah?

cute, matured, organized, caring, HUNGRY, gorgeous, funny, loves to hang out, a chocoholic, an aggressive driver, scared of lizards, scared of mice, scared of anything that moves basically, a series watcher, a good cook, an even better teacher, a beginner surfer, a room service enjoyer, a tambourine dancer, and a leader.

But most important of all, she's the best sister any brother could ask for. And I think Andrew would agree with me on that one.

So now, on her 19th Birthday, I continue to pray that she will grow up to be a woman of noble character, who fears God and trusts him in every aspect of her life. I know you will, Sarah! And i'll always be there to watch over you (Cheh!) haha..

Anyway, Love you lots!! Missing you too.. Study well in England. You'll be teaching my kids next time, and I want them to learn from the best :)

Your Brother,

p.s. Try not to grow too much taller than you are now. That goes for you too, Andrew. I mean, seriously.. this is what our pictures look like nowadays.
Not funny!


sarahvsl said...


thank goodness there are no lizards in england!! >.< lots of mice though..heee

Adele said...

HAHA.... i like this post too. especially the last part =P

Sam Vun said...

Glad you guys liked it xD.. I know i'm short~

Sarah: where did u see mice? O.o not in ur room i hope..

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