Monday, October 11, 2010


Not so long ago, 5 minutes ago..

In the midst of all the assignments on Sam's mind.. a blog post surfaced. And it stayed there, despite attempts to remove it forcibly...

Then, it started making demands.. "Post me up!" it said, or I will haunt you this night, and you'll be as productive as a toilet bowl that's been dropped in the ocean.. Scary words indeed.. and not to be taken lightly...

So here I am, blogging, when I should be studying..

And then a thought came to me.. I don't have to listen to this voice.. I can choose to blog whenever I want to.. and so, I waited.. and waited... and waited.. and I'm still waiting :)

The end.

Hope you all enjoyed this little story.. I'm sorry if I just wasted 3 minutes of your time xD

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