Friday, October 15, 2010

Another lesson on Faithfulness

This week, has been a rough one..

It started out fine, had a good weekend. Monday evening's recording with Tim Lim went well.. It was fun to hang out, have dinner and then do a little video stuff, so it was all good.

Then things started to go downhill. Firstly, I changed my script for BMW shorties LAST MINUTE. I know, i'm such an ass.. (OMG sam you used 'ass', .. well, deal with it) It's one of my most annoying freaking weaknesses I'm NEVER satisfied with the script that I'm working on. And I mean not only not satisfied with the flow/scene/dialogue but I have to go and change the ENTIRE story every time. It's so stupid. I've wasted so much time because of this. Anyway, hopefully I'll learn my lesson this time? I don't think so... :)

Ok then on weds when I had shot some footage to edit.. Brought my camera to the computer, and guess what.. it doesn't work !! ArggghhH!! Somehow, for some reason, I just could not transfer the clips!!

I tried everything, even read a bunch of forums about the usual problems, and tried all their suggestions, to no avail. Wow, after that I totally had no mood to join BMW shorties anymore.. it was just depressing.. So in the end I just spent the night preparing for presentations the next day.

Thursday's presentations went quite well I guess. I mean, considering the amount of time we spent on them, we did quite alright.. Presented about Romance in Media and also Digi!! The Digi one was funny coz we only prepared for it like 10 mins before we actually presented.. seriously... Anyway after school, tried to fix my camera again.. couldn't fix it...

Well, cell group time. I decided to just forget about the competition and just go for cell group. A wise decision. God spoke to me again during the cell group. You see, this week I had been missing out on devotions and also a lot of prayer time because of my busyness.. Well, had a refreshing cell group and then dinner. Arrived home tired but a little bit more cheered up:)

Today, we all skipped class coz none of us really wanted to go. In the afternoon, I had a surprisingly long talk with Deborah Ho, which cheered me up even more =D Annoying orange is awesome! and so are many other things..

And then, it was Starcraft time. I notice that I play a lot of Starcraft when I'm feeling very "sien". But hey, results show. I am now.. wait for it.. #1 on my bronze league!! Wooohoooo!! and here's a screenshot to prove it...

Oh YEAH!!! NoSenSei is dominating!!!

So yeah, I suppose this week was not a complete loss. Am preparing for my big project coming up soon. wish me luck ;)

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