Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nuffnang Glitterati Plus + 100 posts

Well guys, no witty title for you today.. it's gonna be straightforward and simple.

Two things of note happened today. First of all, today at 10:00am, Nuffnang Malaysia Glitterati Plus' first open meeting was held. Quite a few bloggers attended, and the meeting was a success IMO. We got to learn a bit about Glitterati Plus and what it is all about.

Very excited to hear what they've got planned, and even better, next time the members (of which I hope to be one) will be given the opportunity to plan and suggest some of the events as well !! From outings to futsal to charity work, it's all out there waiting for us!!

And as if that's not good enough, there's even a bunch of cool parties, awesome competitions and 1-week-before-premiere press screenings of movies thrown in for those lucky Nuffnangers who are members of G+!! So hurry up, find out more!!


and soon to come, G+Website.

And second of all.. I've finally reached 100 posts on my blog :) It took some time, but goal achieved. Now, on to 500!! :D Yay!!

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