Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Final Year Script

Long sighhhh~

I've got so much to do, this is just insane..

I wish I wasn't such a so-called perfectionist when it comes to my scriptwriting. I mean, a script can't be perfect right? And with so little time, I don't understand how I can't just settle for one story and then go all out writing it. No, I have to think about it too much, get stuck, then realize I can't continue and change to a completely NEW story and start all over again. Brilliant, Sam, brilliant..

Aaaanyway, I suppose I just have got to pull up my socks and try to salvage this. So here I am, blogging.. This really helps my scriptwriting.. alot..

I don't even know why I uploaded this post. I'm becoming incoherent. I'd better sign off now.

Goodnight my little potatoes.


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