Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moving up the Starcraft ladder.

Ok so for those of you who don't know, I actually have a BattleNet account.

Yeah, that means I'm playing Starcraft2 people!!

It's one of the best games in the world IMO.. and it's produced by Blizzard. And we all know that Blizzard ONLY produces the BEST games in the world. I mean, every game that I've been addicted to in the past has come from Blizzard: Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft. What can I say, they're geniuses.

Well, I'm a total noob at Starcraft. I mean, the last time I played it was when Dacom was the ONLY? cybercafe in Tawau. So yeah, that pretty much says it all. There were 5 placement matches to begin with on the 1v1 league and I lost all of them. It put me in the bronze league (yes, you guessed it.. the lowest league, kinda like kindergarden) But after 43 games, I am now 4th in my league.. Hope to get to Silver League soon, and play with the big boys :)

My race is Zerg, coz they're the aliens who are just fighting to survive. And fight we will! Till every last Protoss and Terran SCUM are dealt with in the proper manner, which is DEATHHHH!!!
hahahaha... Zerg is a pretty complicated race, however, and it takes SOOOO much to macro up properly. I'm still completely incompetent when it comes to managing larva and injecting with queens and fast expanding.. gosh... enough to make you go spastic. (which, ironically, is exactly what you have to be to play Zerg. You need to be spastic, unpredictable, ready to react to whatever build your opponent throws at you).

So anyway, yeah, 4th place, and moving up. I'll post again when I'm #1 on the BRONZEEE.. stay tuned.

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